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Answered Prayers?…

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Grace and peace dear reader, glad to have you on board.  hope you were blessed by our maiden publication.   Let’s keep praying for that family.

I had something else in mind to share with you today, but God seems to keep me on the path of reminiscence with stuff I would rather not deal with.  But here goes.

As I woke this morning and glared at the cross I had tried to dismantle the day before, so I did not have to carry it again today. (please don’t judge me for trying to cut corners)  Luke 9:23 “Then He (Jesus) said to them if anyone desires to come after me, let Him deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow me.”  I wondered how much longer I had to deal with this particular cross, it was irritating me and I was getting bored with it.  That wasn’t the only cross I was carrying mind you, it was just a very annoying and reoccurring one.  You know like the roach you thought you had drowned in the kitchen sink, and then 8 minutes later it crawls out again.  Then you are like Lord, for what reason did you make roaches?

Anyway, as I pondered my lot and arranged my crosses so I could pick them up in the order they were received.  The Lord dropped a thought in my mind.  Could these daily irritants be the boundary God has set for me, to keep me from marching full throttle into a sin filled life style?  I thought about the (painful) denying my self part, having to say no to my good plans that were not God plans.  Fleeing like an Olympic Sprint medalist from temptation and of course constantly by the grace of God resisting and warding of the devil. (Who happens to enjoy stalking me all the time!)   Phew! does the weary ever catch a break?  Yes, I guess when they get to heaven.

I once had a friend whom I loved dearly in the Lord, I was especially taken by their commitment to raise the banner of truth and glorify God in all they did.  They also had very pressing issues that plagued their very life daily.  I willingly and joyfully stood in the gap of prayer for them.  If they had a battle I would stand with them or even for them and fight.  so committed was I in praying for my friend that I neglected my own ‘vineyard’ (Song of Solomon 1:6).

A big weakness I have, I am too real and loyal in a fake and swindling society.  Then my friend got a break, and completely turned on me.  Even in the issues we agreed on as God birthed.  To say I was shocked is an understatement, but then again betrayal seems to be the rule of the day these days.  Every time you turn around, Judas has sold Jesus for another 30 pieces of silver.  As I went lamenting to the Lord, He simply reminded me that He had answered my prayer for that former friend.  In my fervent intercession, I completely wiped out any obstacle to pride in their life and probably with the help and sympathy of other saints unknowingly created a monster.  If they had a perceived enemy, I would work the grave shift on my knees.  If I heard a negative word about them, I would hold a seminar to clear their name.  (Psalm 55:12-14)

So do I still have a problem picking up some cross every now and then?  Absolutely not.  I want to finish this race well by God’s grace.  It’s like Jacob’s limp, I am reminded who is in control everyday and the fact that we will all reap what we sow.  My reward is not dependent on that friend and what they do, my reward is dependent on God.  It is okay if I ere’ for being just and true.

So much for answered prayers, huh.  Praise God and Hallelujah anyhow!

A Godly Touch (Hello world!)

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It seems befitting to start my maiden blog in honor of a great but humble figure.  An individual who was quite instrumental in the uncompromising focus of my walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. Though the global body of Christ mourns a loss (we sorrow not as the world sorrows), I personally grieve deeply for a much too familiar blow.

You see though I had attended Times Square Church for some years and gotten to speak to my Pastor David on various occasions, (he was a very kind, understanding and compassionate under- shepherd who was always available to his flock) It was not until an unexpected tragedy took place in my life did my Pastor David come to occupy a very special place in my heart the place of a kind father.  On the 6th day of January, 1997, my life would be forever changed with a tragic phone call.  I had gotten news that my father along with another family member had been killed in a head on collision car crash.  With a brand new job and barely enough to meet my rent, very young with no support system or family member around, I thought my world that was teetering on exploding had now caved in.  My father the late Dr. F.C. Onwudiwe was my best friend and about the only human being I trusted and could depend on, and now with just the wrong veering of the wheel or should I call it wrong timing or better still God’s perfect timing he was with Jesus and I was alone and ready to die.  No one would have been able to talk me out of that despair or doing anything drastic.  But somehow God led me one foot at a time, at an off-church hour right into David Wilkerson‘s path.  he did not preach at me, or ask me to fill out a ten page form, or pray two words and bid me adieu.  He got practical, became Jesus with arms and feet got his staff moving and had me on the plane back to Africa to bury my dead.  He even left the door open should I be stranded over there.

Now can someone give me one good reason why I should not be personally heart-wrenched.  Yes he is with Jesus, we will meet again in the great by and by and so on and so forth.  Yes I do agree, it is scriptural but I just miss my tender-hearted Pastor David Wilkerson.  Might I add that I also unofficial headed his ‘amen-corner’ and he never judged me for that.  Some folks called me loud and disruptive but Pastor David knew this child had a revelation.  So please allow me while I bemoan my loss.  In a little bit I will join the saints in rejoicing for a beautiful life radically lived for the glory of Jesus Christ and the souls of men.

So that was  the beginning of my journey with the man who founded ‘Teen Challenge‘, Times Square Church, World Challenge and was the inspiration for the movie ‘The Cross and the Switchblade‘.  He stepped into my heart as a result of a fatal car accident, and stepped right out of it as a result of …you guessed it a fatal car accident.  In his Wednesday 27th of March 2011 blog, he would end it with the phrase …”it was no accident”.  Sure it wasn’t it was a conspiracy between him and God.  David Wilkerson walked with God and then he was not… may that be our testimony in Jesus name!

PS. God gave Pastor David a beautiful word after that encounter titled ‘I almost slipped’ January 7, 1997.

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