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Daily Archives: May 2, 2011

Dead or Stronger

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It is often said, “that whatever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger”.
Yeah, but I still don’t like to deal with or entertain things that seem like they could kill me. I like to play it safe and simple with a touch of drama every now and then of course.  But somehow the killer hurricane finds me.  And every time I think, this has got to be it; I am dead now. As the boisterous wind blows and my boat threatens to capsize.  As I am tossed about like a rag doll,  I can only cry God help me!

There are a lot of possibilities of what might happen, but let us look at these three; The wind does blow the boat over and I end up in the sea or I am tossed so high in the air that I dangle of a tree branch, with the potential of … ending up in the sea. Or the third option, the wind stops and my boat stills while I am in the sea. Either way, if I emerge alive (which I already did), then I am the stronger for it.

Sometimes the storm that so easily threatens us, was sent by God himself. It may have come to purge.purify or perfect His will in our lives.  He is the God that sits on the flood and controls it, according to scripture (God’s holy word). Example Psalm 107:29 (NIV) says “He stilled the storm to a whisper; the wave of the sea was hushed.”  That means this God I serve said to all your issues at the appointed time to “Shut up”!  And when He deems it time, all he has to do is say the word and the once towering and hovering monster wave cowers.  Now I don’t know about you but that sure sounds like power to me.  Why should I waste my time on a god that expects me to do everything for him and then worship him too. Please…

No I can only worship an Entity that wields this kind of power (“You rule over the surging sea; when its waves mount up, you still them” Psalm 89:9 (NIV)).  And not only is He powerful, He says He loves me.  That is sweet and super!

Do not fear the threatening storm that encompasses your weak vessel for He has said;

“Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10)

Seriously; He is God indeed!


One Fine Day.

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The news flash today has been about a man wanted for the past 10 years or more, who master minded the most devastating and fatal terror attack this country had witnessed. It must have been harbored in his mind for years, the time it took to plot, pull resources, recruit and train the would be terrorists and ‘martyrs’. After his deed was done, he would elude those who came after him in the name of justice.

Well trained intelligence and armed forces of the free world could not track him down for a decade. And when they finally did he was felled like a chicken.The seemingly invincible traitor lay in a pool of  his own blood probably mingled with that of his loyalists. In a moment of time it was over, it was a definite wrap.

I wonder if he ever imagined he could be caught, all the years he succeeded in alluding those that would seek him to pay. If  for every year he missed the seeking radar, he joyfully scorned his chasers. As he rebuilt his life amidst a convoluted web of lies, deceit and camouflage. Did he begin to believe that his timing was forever, or that he was invincible?

Such is the lifestyle of a modern-day psychopath. They create a story in their mind, based on a sick unreality and build a life around it. They spend years trying to defend and protect the demented and convoluted story. And will stop at nothing to further their cause whether it involves the defenseless young and the deceived old. God help the soul that will as much brush past them because ‘alas’ they too are caught in the web and marred for life. Forever a spectacle  as they (the victim) struggle to be free.

All it takes is the Truth. On the day of reckoning, a hidden compound is discovered or a falsified document is unraveled. A faithful courier is trailed and a graphically altered and manipulated photograph is deciphered. The military intelligence moves in or the tangled victim decides to break-free. A war ensues, the ‘wanted’ is buried at sea. A  shaking occurs and the en-slaver is exposed.The wounded are healed and the captives released. The mountain has been moved and cast into the sea, as the fig tree is simultaneously cursed (Mark 11:12-23). Victory is declared and Justice is served.

And it all happened one fine day…

PS: The slave master will always pursue what belongs to him if there is no conversion of the slave’s mind to be free.  So dear ensnared one when you are good and ready; gooooo!

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