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Daily Archives: May 13, 2011

To ‘Like’ or not to Like?

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I was ridiculed not too long ago, for my avid usage of the ‘Social Media’ .  I could not have been bothered,  If the Lord himself had not asked me to start the first one.   My various travels caused me to meet new people all the time, wonderful and interesting people who had no clue about eternal life.  Since the trips were usually short, the only way we could keep in touch as the Lord led was through ‘Social Media.’  My collection of friend would now span the globe.  From the T.V. producer in Pakistan, to the Engineering student in China.  Not to forget the budding Painter and the Zoologist from France (they don’t know each other).  The dancer from Italy (who became like a sister to me) etc.  As I look at the pictures, I remember each persons story and the history we shared together wherever and whenever  we met.  These complete strangers will form about 40% of my friends in the Social Media Network.

As soon as I got the hang of it, it became a very convenient tool.  At some point, I seemed to always be on it until the Lord filled my plate with a whole lot more of other things to do. Nevertheless, social media became a convenient way to easily stay in touch, send messages, share opinions or the best part; share the Gospel .

It now appears that the mockers are now depending on the same social media for validation.  Could this be the new avenue of popularity contest or acceptance.  Why would you use, in a few heartbeats what you made light of  and laughed at in other people’s life? I guess they too are now attracted to the thrill of ‘friending’ and ‘liking’.  Do they really like you when they click like or is that just a gateway of access to the site.  A gateway of curiosity or familiarity, to find out what is or is not going on.  Some may like you as a by-product of an original like,  Some ‘friend’ because they would really like to ‘friend’ you, others ‘friend’ to build up numbers and liaisons.  So we cannot really take these things seriously or expect them to be a barometer for favor.  Someday it will be ‘like’, then unlike, then ‘like’ again just in time to unlike.  It is all part of the social network or should I say social game?

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