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Daily Archives: May 15, 2011

Discriminatory and Dumb Dispatch

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Of course what is a day at Broadway without the circus showing up. There I was humbly and obediently standing and lining up with my fellow human-beings, when ‘agent 006’ came up to my face to threaten me.  He had been watching me, I was on their radar system. If I as much as sneezed, they dispatched the clowns.

You see I know that about them already, I have gone through that for years now.  But this very day, it was in broad daylight and they were other people watching and marveling. One lady from another church told me she watched the whole thing and she cried. I was just standing there and listening to my portable device, lest they accuse me of saying the wrong thing. Still this goon stepped up to me and asked me if I still wanted to be in the service. Duhh! I am standing on line waiting to get in like everyone else and you want to know if I intend to be in the service.

Here is where it gets interesting, he asks me for Id.  Obviously when they were plotting they knew who their target was.  What did he need to see ID for?  Did he need to confirm my accent, race or gender?  What was it about me that gave him the audacity to step to my face, threaten and try to stare me down right on Broadway in broad daylight.(Isaiah 29:15)

I let it slide yesterday because I did not want any distraction in the event at hand. I wanted everything to flow in order.  Maybe, ‘agent 006’ wanted to show me he was in or knew about law enforcement.  Whatever was to boost his ego sure should not have been along the lines of harassing a citizen in the name of law enforcement.  Just two blocks away were professional law enforcement in uniform courteously helping people by. Or did ‘agent 006’ think that I just got of the boat?  Not; this is the land of my birth if it is his at all.

‘Agent 006’, I know you are not on ‘her majesty’s secret service’, you are definitely not on His Holiness Majesty’s Service.  Because your stare down was creepy and insidious just like those of the people who sent you.  I know you will keep attempting to harass me, set traps or maybe down right hurt me physically. (Isaiah 30:1).  My only prayer will be that along with your impending judgment, all that you have set up to hurt me, will backfire to yours instead.  Because I too, though they are deceased had a mother and father at some point.  Just because God took them home in a ghastly accident does not mean I am your slave.  If my earthly father were here, you will not hold a touch to him, though he was a very humble and peaceful man.

So keep up the lies, slander and harassment against me in you exclusive covens.  While you pat the perpetual and wanton sinner on the back to spite me. (Isaiah 5:20).  God who has brought me this far, will keep and take me further.  And shortly will prepare a table for me in  your presence!!!

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