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Daily Archives: May 28, 2011

He’s got the Whole World…

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I'll stick with you.

We got your back girl!

The title phrase is not just a children’s Sunday school song. It is an

May we have your autograph please?

incredible reality that I have

come to appreciate more and more these days. The obvious fact that

everything, everyone and every situation is in the mighty and capable hands of God. I know it is hard to believe sometimes, when you have something hanging over your head, and you wonder why God will not rid you of it as quickly as possible. You know He has the power and the resources and even time belongs to Him, but still your obnoxious little burden remains.

Lately, God has been showing me another aspect of ‘The whole World in His Hands’ phenomenon. Not too long ago, I went through a phase where the people I expected to be there for me, not only were not there but they happily volunteered to sell me to the highest or lowest bidder. They had no special stake in the bidder, nor was the reward ‘something to write home about’. It was just a spitefully inspired and selfish act. Of which, I am not sure that they realized the ultimate ramification of their acts. The devil always sounds enticing, alluring and seduces with his suggestions. But of course he just does not let on about the final cost of carrying out those suggestions. After all, Jesus said in Matthew 10:36; “And a man’s foe shall be they of his household” NKJV.  Secondly, in John 4:44; “For Jesus Himself testified, that a prophet hath no honor in his own country” NKJV. Very sad for the perpetrators, but with God on your side; your attitude may very well be ‘whatever’ after you shed two drops of tears, wipe them off and move on.

As strange and as horrid as some of our trials could be, Our Saviour had warned us that the very things He went through we would go through. I know some people half perched on the wall of the kingdom of God, happily halting betwixt two opinions are disdainful of these possibilities. But the fact is that Christ does not really trust just any one with these peculiar trials. It takes a certain level of intimacy to be able to endure, remain alive and watch this; remain sane. I did not think I would ever be a candidate for these seemingly human nuances, until lo and behold, there I was trudging through the ‘valley of Baca’. Then this third scripture by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ made sense. When Mary had come to fetch Jesus in the middle of His teaching, probably thinking he would be so excited to end everything and go outside to play with His siblings. Jesus said “For whosoever shall do the will of God, the same is my brother, and my sister, and my mother.” Mark 3:35, Matthew 12:50 NKJV.

On that note, I very well appreciated the 80-year-old Chinese woman who told me yesterday that she and everyone else around her loved me and my smile (when they did see the smile) and were praying for me. I definitely appreciate sweet little Lily (In her fifties) who just came back from Shanghai with a beautiful and specially hand crafted purse for me. As if that was not enough, we just got back from a star-studded restaurant on the west side, where Lily treated me and insisted we celebrate… Then there was Vivian yesterday, sweet Hispanic Vivian; I had just met her two weeks ago and yesterday she was also God’s hand extended. Then there were the bouquets of flowers half of them from anonymous. Then there is the girl with the lovely smile and nappy hair like mine who walked up to me with a bottle of perfume, and I still don’t know her name. I gave her a bear hug though. And the list goes on…

My very capable, awesome and faithful God has got the whole world in His Mighty Hands! And He sure uses it as He sees fit. Glory to His Majestic Name!


Fun and Fantastic Facetime on Facebook

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I like Facebook, I really do.  Or should I say I like my Facebook friends. If ‘Facebook’ had a Facebook page, I would definitely ‘like’ Facebook or be the first to ‘friend’ Facebook. No matter how tautological that may sound, I hope you do get my point. Each of my Facebook  friend was carefully and thoughtfully accepted. It was not a random; let me rack up friends and prove my popularity kind of thing. If that was my aim, then I would have racked up about 6,000 of them in the first two months. And that rack would have included something like this; ‘Cappuccino Crazy’ and ‘Blue Lagoon’ to name but a few, with a spoon or crocodile for a face. I usually have zero tolerance for foolishness or dawdling, so I am quick to move on from such request. Others though legitimate names, I felt there really was no connection. Why be ‘Facebook friends’ if we never really communicate or care to find out what the other is doing and saying. What are we acquiring numbers for, who are we impressing. Unless you are an Organization or a really, really Popular/Public Figure  save your self the space and time.

So back to my lovely friends. It was beautiful that depending on what part of the world they were in, their well wishes rolled in simultaneously. First to roll in from the day before, was Australia (1 day and a couple of hours early they were!), Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Russia, Pakistan, Singapore and beloved Israel (with those Hebraic letters on my ‘wall’ I felt a special blessing). I almost wrote to say wait, you are a day early but then I remembered, that we were all in different Time Zones. Then came France, Holland, Germany, London, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Nigeria, Brazil, Portugal, Tunisia, Morocco, ; to name but a few. They were not just geographical locations, these were people whom I knew and had seen and met before. Who were able to share their story with me. So when they wrote in or called in, they had more than two words to say; for example: I am sending something to you, I am coming to see you, Are you well? Can i ask your advice on something really important? Where in the world are you? When are you coming to visit or Whatever happened to …?

Did I mention I like Facebook? Yeah, and I like my Facebook friends too!

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