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Fun and Fantastic Facetime on Facebook

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I like Facebook, I really do.  Or should I say I like my Facebook friends. If ‘Facebook’ had a Facebook page, I would definitely ‘like’ Facebook or be the first to ‘friend’ Facebook. No matter how tautological that may sound, I hope you do get my point. Each of my Facebook  friend was carefully and thoughtfully accepted. It was not a random; let me rack up friends and prove my popularity kind of thing. If that was my aim, then I would have racked up about 6,000 of them in the first two months. And that rack would have included something like this; ‘Cappuccino Crazy’ and ‘Blue Lagoon’ to name but a few, with a spoon or crocodile for a face. I usually have zero tolerance for foolishness or dawdling, so I am quick to move on from such request. Others though legitimate names, I felt there really was no connection. Why be ‘Facebook friends’ if we never really communicate or care to find out what the other is doing and saying. What are we acquiring numbers for, who are we impressing. Unless you are an Organization or a really, really Popular/Public Figure  save your self the space and time.

So back to my lovely friends. It was beautiful that depending on what part of the world they were in, their well wishes rolled in simultaneously. First to roll in from the day before, was Australia (1 day and a couple of hours early they were!), Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Russia, Pakistan, Singapore and beloved Israel (with those Hebraic letters on my ‘wall’ I felt a special blessing). I almost wrote to say wait, you are a day early but then I remembered, that we were all in different Time Zones. Then came France, Holland, Germany, London, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Nigeria, Brazil, Portugal, Tunisia, Morocco, ; to name but a few. They were not just geographical locations, these were people whom I knew and had seen and met before. Who were able to share their story with me. So when they wrote in or called in, they had more than two words to say; for example: I am sending something to you, I am coming to see you, Are you well? Can i ask your advice on something really important? Where in the world are you? When are you coming to visit or Whatever happened to …?

Did I mention I like Facebook? Yeah, and I like my Facebook friends too!


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