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Daily Archives: May 31, 2011

Excerpt…(From ‘Borders of Betrayal’ by CO)

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Cara studied the copy paper one more time, and walked away from the looming machine. Always the perfectionist, she would have to be content with advanced technology. Were they not supposed to be better than humans these days she grimaced as she sat down at her desk. From her corner of the office, she could at that vantage point observe the flurry of activities without being a part of it. At least she preferred not to be involved in office politics so early in this career. The fact that she had successfully passed the ‘Numeric Series’ exam, did not mean this was her calling. She needed to be in a searching mode, until that peace settled in. Or until God showed her otherwise, or maybe He had already…

She saw her supervisor walk by briskly for the umpteenth time, all the while avoiding eye contact. Cara knew she was a moody woman, who walked around with her head bent most of the time; despite all the success ‘Wall Street’ had brought her . But her drastic attitude change these two days were a thing of marvel for the new ‘Emerging Market Assistant Analyst’. The last time Leslie had spoken to Cara was to thank her for her prompt input for the Eastern Asian Companies IPO pitch. This project was huge in the billions of dollars of expected profit margin. Every one worked long hours to make sure the brochure was ready to be shipped to Hong Kong before the dreaded deadline. The final tension revolved around the necessary ‘pitch’ to get the IPO rolling. Most of the Analysts and Floor traders, had a knack for numbers; at least when it came to their profit. This new venture into that  Conservative culture had to be just right. Not crass, lewd or aggressive as is prevalent in the Western culture. Unfortunately, that was the way the language in ‘Wall Street’ seemed to be establishing itself these days.

Cara had curiously taken a look at the outline, just to see what progress they were having. She did not expect to be a dent in anyone’s expectation; she was barely with the company three weeks now. Surprisingly to everyone else but familiar to her, she quickly formed a string of words in her mind. After jotting it down on a piece of paper, she figured she might just as well show it to Leslie for whatever it was worth. Leslie’s delighted but rare squeal was all Cara needed to hear. She was happy to have been of help and made someone’s day. Her devotional reading this morning had harped on being a blessing to someone else.

Reminiscing on the events of the past couple of days left Cara’s mind in a quandary as to why Leslie was near loathsome. A hurried and loud tap on her desk, interrupted her reverie and   made her swing her head away from the computer screen to see Tom the new intern who distributed Inter-office mail along with gossip beaming at her. “So are you going  princess?” He asked with that boyish grin and perpetual wisp of hair covering his left eye. “Going where?” Cara asked with unfeigned interest. “To the Grande Ball at the Ritzy Restaurant of course, every one got an invite.” He swooned with hands on his hips, head tilted to the side and eyebrows raised. As if to say a yes or no answer should not be that hard. “Oh…” was all Cara could manage as an explanation and embarrassment all dawned on her at the same time.

 Tom did not notice her discomfort, as he kept rambling on. She tried to tune back into the one-sided conversation but to no avail. She hoped her shock induced disorientation was not obvious. As she tried again to make sense of what he was saying.  “… so, he was so impressed with the perfect pitch, he decided to throw a party for the New York Office. And he probably will announce Leslie’s promotion tonight.” “Wait, wait a minute.” Cara stuttered as she tried to take it all in. “Who was impressed with what and why?” “Oh boy,” Tom sighed exasperatedly. “Do I always have to give you the obvious scoop around here?” he rolled his eyes and continued. “Well rumor has it and it has been confirmed that the CEO Blaine Roberts and his billion dollar stock holders liked Leslie’s IPO pitch so much, he promoted her and we will be celebrating at the Ritzy Restaurant tonight.” You will agree,” Tom continued “when you see a copy of the pitch on our website. It was real classy and straight on point.” “Here let me show you,” Tom offered as he almost knocked her and the chair over reaching for the computer.

With a few strokes on the keyboard and high-speed blinks the screen came alive at the same time recognition dawned. And right before Cara’s very own eyes were the exact words she had written for Leslie to consider as a spring-board for the ‘IPO pitch’.

To be Continued…

Quick Quotes

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You are ‘One of the Ones’, that is why the devil has been after you your whole life. He knows that when the Lord releases you, his Kingdom will be in serious trouble! TDJ

I don’t pay jealous folks any mind, because they don’t know what it cost me to get here. So they can roll their eyes, until it falls out of their head. TDJ

The way you react to challenges will show whether you are wise or foolish

Trusting God is a form of worship  RW

Worship is giving God the best He has given you RW

The hardest part of faith is the last thirty minutes DW

We act like pagans in a crisis, only one out of the crowd is daring enough to bank their faith in the character of GOD! OC

God nowhere tells us to give up things for the sake of giving them up, He tells us to give them up for the sake of the only thing worth having: A life with him. OC

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