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PS: It always feels good to return a package sent by the devil, and set his compound ablaze. Hmmmmmm….this is one of those blissful moments. Three sleepless nights in a row; and you better believe I have got something to show for it.

I had this spot in school, where I used to like to study and do my research.  Over time, people would stop by to talk, (uninvited mind you).  They talked about everything from politics, cooking, culture, religion and so on and so forth. The frequent traffic and visitations had chased me from a previous spot, I felt maybe the reason people would not leave me alone was because they could spot me easily. So of to a new hidden section did I go. The only person allowed there was my German friend ‘U’ (who is an Obstetrician as we speak). She was very intelligent and understood me better than most. Together we studied and chatted as I struggled to disperse the ever intruding crowd. I tried being nasty, but the people only came back to me to find out if I was feeling okay; according to them it was uncharacteristic of me (shocking observation). Then I feigned a throbbing headache and ended up with a ‘Pharmaceutical’ collection on my study table. Finally, I just ignored them; but wouldn’t you know it, people tripped onto my table,  fell out on it while passing through or plainly lost their way and thought my table was theirs. A couple of times, fights broke out right under my chin. I was at my wit’s end with disgust one day when the Lord broke into my thoughts… “How would you rather have it,” asked the Lord. My presence in your life drawing them (the seekers, knowers and devil possessed alike) or my absence as you focus on building a tower on this side of eternity. I was really not ready to answer that question, all I wanted was some peace and quiet in a public place. They really did not affect my class work or grades; (thank God Almighty) I have been blessed with a strange but completely different and unaffected legal way of gleaning information. 

After weeks and months of deliberating this bothersome (at least to me) issue before the Lord, I decided to take a break, get away completely and see what happens.  I was gone for about a week, when I got a call from ‘U’ the German Doctor. “Where are you”, she asked frantically. I was taking a rest I told her and wondered if something bad had happened to her. No she said, but it felt weird since I had been gone. How so I wondered out loud. The place was deafeningly quiet. No one had stopped by the whole week not even to say hello to ‘U’ and the other students that had started to collect there as  a study group.

“They were coming for you the whole time”, exclaimed ‘U’. “I know that feeling,” said U, ‘It feels peaceful and assuring’. That is why I wanted to study with you all this while. There is just something about you that makes us want to come close. Please do not get mad if we are clumsy about the way we do it. We can’t help but to just do it.”  Alright then I sighed, I shall let my gaurd down but only for those who come in the name of ‘JESUS CHRIST’.

Dearest Lord, how humbling and motivating a speech for any human being to hear. But I will need your grace and wisdom to get through with this expectation. Grace to bear up for your name sake; and wisdom to know the right words at the right time to liberate a yearning soul or soothe a sorrowful one. And for those that will come as messengers of darkness, I will be ready to roll. 

אלוהים הוא איש של מלחמה!

Whatttt!!, Did someone just plow into the back of my head and wave at me with a very sheepish grin? Hmmmmm… Hey you!!! (running over there) that was not cute and it sure is not funny, you almost peeled out my brian…!

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