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Birds of the Same Feathers

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I AM SO UNMOVED BY THE SOLIDARITY OF THE CHILDREN OF WICKEDNESS! They will band together because they will fall together. That is scriptural. God prepared me to the fact that they would gather together against me to the effect that they will fall for my sake. Actually it quite freeing and liberating knowing who they are. (They are manifesting right now…) Their hate filled wagon does not surprise me, they were always of the same spirit and acted the same, howbeit camouflaged with pristine words.  The fate of the devil is that he is already defeated! I know it and every person who is really with God knows it.  Keep on conniving, lying, cheating, deceiving and discriminating. Your time is SHORT!!!

NB I shall repeat my previous words: desecrating God’s house with lies, deceit, wickedness, injustice, oppression and lip-service plain STINKS!!! There is no other word with which to sugar-coat it. Also I am happy that the road to heaven is not paved with who we know but who we are and what we have done!!! Did God not tell us there was a reward in this world and the next?

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