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Operation: Re-align, Re-locate and Re-group.

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“Elijah went before the people and said, “How long will you waver between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow him; but if Baal is God, follow him.” But the people said nothing.”
1 Kings 18:20-22

The people said nothing now, but a few verses later: they wished they had promptly aligned themselves with Elijah while they could. Now they were left to grapple with a burned down altar and hundreds of wasted, dead baal worshipping and Jezebel carousing prophets. There is only One God, One Way and One Truth. If the deal is not completely of God; no matter how good it sounds it is Satanic! Can you imagine what would have happened if the Israelites had applied olive oil or anything else other than the ‘blood of the lamb’ on their door posts as God commanded. They would have been stone dead; diligently smitten by the ‘death angel’ and next…

“When the LORD goes through the land to strike down the Egyptians, he will see the blood on the top and sides of the door frame and will pass over that doorway, and he will not permit the destroyer to enter your houses and strike you down.”
Exodus 12:22-24

Finally the terrorized Pharaoh had bowed his knotted knees to the One True GOD. And God had a plan for deliverance for His people. He could have just waved a wand and had them all match out in victory; but He required some obedient participation on their part. They had to be in agreement with Him and claim their victory by heeding and obeying His instructions. Though the instruction seemed trivial and burdensome ; in it lay life, freedom and provision. With all the expectation that lay in the balance, you will be surprised to find out that some of the Israelites did not obey; whilst some of the Egyptians fearing for their life and exercising eternal wisdom obeyed the command initially given to the Jews. And GOD being big on obedience, honored their (the Egyptians)  participation.

” And a ‘mixed multitude’ went up also with them; and flocks, and herds, even very much cattle”. Exodus 12:37-39

The ‘mixed multiude’ were the uncircumcised Egyptians (believers playing the fence and living a lie); but God allowed them, because He was all about redemption and saving as many as would receive Him (turn and repent from their evil ways). Their intent to follow the Israelites showed a gradual turning from idolatry and wickedness; howbeit slight. Later in the book of Joshua, while the Israelites were still in the wilderness, God would command Joshua to circumcise them a second time (cleansing and genuine repentance because God is HOLY!). “At that time the LORD said unto Joshua, Make thee sharp knives, and circumcise again the children of Israel the second time. Joshua 5:1-3
 So even though God had allowed them to switch sides last-minute (avoiding judgement); He would still deal with their sin, hearts and motive (lingering consequences). It was imperative that their final underlying motive not be to escape the plague that befell Egypt (Hell) but that it be an honest desire to pursue God’s truth, obey and uphold it.

I happened upon two women yesterday, though not at the same time and they don’t know each other either.  When the encounter was over : I was once again reminded about how Awesome, Powerful and Wise our God is. These two women I had known over the years as we dwelt and fellowshipped together. Actually a combination of over twenty years between two of them. One even knew me when I was a ‘tiny little thing’ (if ever that time existed) and she had not yet been saved then. Well over the course of the past ten years, they (the aforementioned) turned against me. There was no reason: they just perceived that my enemy was stronger and of better resources, so they jumped ship as they actively worked hard to please my oppressor and harm me. Their demeanor yesterday was a far cry from what I had come to expect from them and the likes of them.

They had gone through hell; a fraction of what I had already experienced in ‘the house’. They were flabbergasted, overwhelmed and very humbled. They no longer glared at me with their usual un-warranted, disdainful and condescending attitude. They did not snicker or add their ‘six cents’ into my business. Even the usual assembly was dismissed for lack of a brave speaker and a stable podium. “Behold, they shall surely gather together, but not by me: whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake.” Isaiah 54:14-16
They too had been put on the spot, their lives re-arranged without permission and their dreams dashed with the fist of the oppressor. I was going to walk away from them; lest it be yet another set-up. But God said: “I purposely let you run into them to show you what I am doing”. They promised me they were now ‘aware of what time it was’ (had seriously paid a price to arrive at this place) and were desperately up in arms in prayer. They sadly wished they had known better and earlier. I assured them it was ‘better late than never’. We hugged praised the One Who is worthy of all the glory and honor and stepped right back into our various purposes and missions…

“And he lifted up his face to the window, and said, Who is on my side? who?…”
2 Kings 9:31-33

Theoretically of course 🙂

What is in a name? (A tribute to Mt. Zion)

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River Cam, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England,...

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“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.” Shakespeare‘s: Romeo and Juliet (II,ii, 1-2) 

“Then the man said, ‘Your name will no longer be Jacob, but Israel, because you have struggled with God and with humans, and have overcome.” Genesis 32:28

“Beautiful in its loftiness, the joy of the whole earth, like the heights of Zaphon is Mount Zion, the city of the Great King”. Psalm 48:2

A name is  a word or term used for identification. Names can identify a class or category of things, or a single thing, either uniquely or within a given context. In the ancient world, particularly in the ancient near-east (Israel, Persia, Egypt etc.) names were thought to be extremely powerful and to act, in some ways, as a separate manifestation of a person, deity, or group. In the Old Testament, the names of individuals are meaningful: for example, Adam is named after the ‘earth’ (Adamah) from which he was created. (Genesis 2)  Based on all we have gathered so far, a change of name would have to be a change of status and possible a change of mission. For example, Jacob’s name was changed from’ deceiver’ (he defrauded and dealt dishonestly) to’ Israel’ (he wrestled with God and made it out alive; so to speak). His change of name showed his intent and status had changed and he was now on a different mission. The patriarch ‘Abram’ and his wife ‘Sarai’ were renamed Abraham and Sarah when they were told they would become the father and mother of many nations (See Genesis 17). Basically with their change of name; it was time to set up the nursery. Simon Barjonah (son of Jonah) had his name changed to Peter the ‘Rock’, when Christ Jesus handed him the keys to heaven. throughout  the bible, characters are given names that reflect something that happened significantly before or during birth; or names that might describe a direction or cause of action. Solomon derived from the root word ‘Shalom’ means peace. Therefore throughout his reign as Israel’s king, there was no warfare (I am literally ‘hatin’ right now).

When Institutions, corporations, companies, firms and groups are named; it is often after the founder, location, the mission or motto of the intended course. For example, most Wall Street firms are named after their founders and most Law firms after their existing partners. Religious institutions, often opt for location, denomination, creed or mission e.g. ‘Abundant Life ministries‘, ‘Blue-Creek Baptist Church’ etc. As years go by and time passes on, founders die, buildings change, edifices are renovated, and even locations may alter. But the essence and the name of the Institution is rarely ever disturbed. This may be due in part to the fact that as long as the mission has not changed, it is duly unnecessary for the name to be changed. And also for respect and preserving the ‘spirit’ of prolongitivity. In addition, it very well may be due in part to a desire to receive a baton with the intent of preserving the original goal and mission. I am often wary and suspicious of characters that must thrive and be unduly famed on the brows of others. If your mission or non-mission must be pursued; then start your own playground from the scratch. I have done it before. At the ripe old age of twenty-one I registered my first company in this city (there are ample and credible witnesses).  “Remove not the old landmark; and enter not into the fields of the fatherless: For their Reedeemer is mighty; He shall plead their cause with thee.” Proverbs 23:10-11 

Did you know that the second oldest and prestigious university in the English-speaking world is Cambridge University. Cambridge the town; was named after the River Cam (with a bridge), from which the university was subsequently named. That was the year 1226, a whooping 800 plus years ago. Today it still stands; still majestically spewing out Scholars, integrity and prestige. The Oxford University which is the oldest in the English-speaking world is second to none. A home and origin to the finest of Scholars, Kings and Statesmen a 1000 years and counting, is still distinguished OXFORD!. The oldest Institution of higher education in the United States is Harvard University. Named after the College’s first benefactor, the young minister John Harvard of Charlestown, who died in 1638. In fact a statue (though we do not promote idolatry) of John Harvard stands today in front of University Hall in Harvard Yard, and is perhaps the University’s best known landmark. Yale College‘s roots can be traced back to the 1640’s when colonial clergymen led an effort to establish a college in New Haven. But it was named “Yale College” in 1718 in gratitude to the Welsh merchant Elihu Yale, who had donated the proceeds of the sale of some personal acquisitions. Today in that beautiful quaint Connecticut town still stands Yale College. These aforementioned and prestigious universities have been chancelled, governed and led by the best of the best; the finest Scholars and the ‘cream of the crop’ in higher learning for a total of almost 2000 years. Every one has come and gone, and left it in the fine and traditional state they met it (with the name intact of course).    

There are some people who though not perfect (neither of us are), lived a worthy life and left a commendable legacy. Their integrity shows that whatever they did or accomplished was carefully and prayerfully thought through. We trust that they had a vision and their very lives and mission blessed that endeavour. A name says a lot and plays a part in the continuity and the value of a group, a person and /or an institution. A diversion from truth to a seemingly look-alike version is not the truth. It almost sounds like the statement: “I am almost saved”.  If you are you will say it and to some extent it will be perceived and eventually seen. God is always specific in His dealings with us; that is why He has a different name for different attributes of His Deity and character. When He calls Himself ‘Jehovah Rapha’; it means exactly the God that heals you, not the God that looks or sounds like a doctor. Jehovah Jireh is definitely the God that provides; not the God that looks like He might provide or has some provisions, but actually does give.

“For ye are not come unto a mount that might be touched, and that burned with fire, and unto blackness, and darkness, and tempest, and the sound of a trumpet, and the voice of words; which voice they that heard entreated that no word more should be spoken unto them: for they could not endure that which was enjoined, If even a beast touch the mountain, it shall be stoned; and so fearful was the appearance, that Moses said, I exceedingly fear and quake: but ye are come unto Mount Zion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to innumerable hosts of angels, to the general assembly and Church of the first-born who are enrolled in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect, and to Jesus the Mediator of a new covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling that speaketh better than that of Abel. See that ye refuse not Him that speaketh. For if they escaped not, when they refused him that warned them on earth, much more shall not we escape, who turn away from Him that warneth from heaven: whose voice then shook the earth: but now He hath promised, saying, Yet once more will I make to tremble not the earth only, but also the heaven. And this word, Yet once more, signifieth the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that have been made, that those things which are not shaken may remain. Wherefore, receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us have grace, whereby we may offer service well-pleasing to God with reverence and awe, for our God is a consuming fire.“—Hebrews 12:18-29 (R.V.).

“For out of Jerusalem will come a remnant, and out of Mount Zion a band of survivors. ‘The zeal of the LORD Almighty will accomplish this.” 2 Kings 19:31 “But He chose the tribe of Judah, Mount Zion, which he loved.” Psalm 78:68 The name has said it all.

To Russia Without Love (of man; but with the favor of GOD!)

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“Joseph is a fruitful vine, a fruitful vine near a spring, whose branches climb over a wall. With bitterness archers attacked him; they shot at him with hostility. But his bow remained steady, his strong arms stayed limber, because of the hand of the Mighty One of Jacob, because of the Shepherd, the Rock of Israel, because of your father’s God, who helps you, because of the Almighty who blesses you…” Genesis 49:22-25 (NIV)

CAUTION: The story you are about to read now, is very accurate, and is vividly being relayed to my memory right this moment by the Holy Spirit (Even down to the clothes I was wearing on the day of departure.) I do not keep notes or diaries: they are cumbersome and unnecessarily incriminating. Besides if I needed notes or a journal for this story, I would have none because every thing that was in the mentioned Upper-East side apartment is gone. Everything from custom-made furnitures to pictures, to awards are gone (That could also be credited to Jezebel’s account). Therefore, I am eternally grateful to God the Creator for my notoriously and impeccably ‘Photographic Memory’. Enjoy and be blessed…

I did one last walk through my Upper-East Side apartment; as I gave my guest a list of ’emergency’ phone numbers. They had just come in from Africa, so it was wise to make sure they had back-up should a situation arise that they did not understand or know what to do with. My building Superintendent was already waiting at the lobby downstairs, beaming with a smile and the utmost respect as he reached out to help us with the luggage. He had already called a cab he quickly informed me. There was no need to be late for anything this beautiful Sunday morning he had quipped. Ever since he found out I was preparing for a church-led mission trip to the ‘former Soviet Union’, he had been besides himself. Having originally hailed from the Eastern European country of Sarajevo himself, he felt it was noble for one to leave the comfort of the United States and pay their way to go that far off to help out. He even came with me to church one time, as he claimed I was a peculiar but great tenant. “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people;…” 1 Peter 2:9 (KJV). “Who gave Himself for us, that He might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto Himself, a peculiar people, zealous of good works.” Titus 2:14 (KJV). “For thou art a holy people unto the Lord thy God, and the Lord hath chosen thee to be a peculiar people unto Himself, above all the nations that are upon the earth.” Deuteronomy 14:2 (KJV) Need I say more? Most times, just let them call you weird; it means you are doing right by God.

The weeks and months preceding this day had been very rigorous and stressful. It was not the trip itself that caused the stress, but the ultra-preparation and the attack of the mind that often accompanied a decision like this. Then there was the human element to deal with, the walls of suspicion barricading those of us who were not part of the ‘church click’ and the  judgements of those myopic natives that ‘labeled different as bad.’  All these nuances, had to be pulled down among team members to create a necessary bond. One weekly meeting after the other, we learned about each other, skits, language phrases (This was already one of my fluent languages), songs, the culture and the people of the intended destination. This was the biggest trip so far that the church had embarked on. The year was 1998 (approximately 13 long years ago).

It behooves me to note that one of the main reasons I quickly applied for this trip; was to help with what I perceived to be much-needed communications. The Russian language was not a ‘walk in the park’ and the alphabets were symbols that were in no way similar to English language alphabets. I mentioned this helpful skill, but it was so easily dismissed by the higher-ups (with no intent to investigate or prove the claim). So I made a decision to keep that and future skills to myself, since that was not the first time I volunteered to help with something which they insecurely brushed aside as I watched them struggle to meet the same need shortly after. I knew it was personal; no one unaccepted in the click could be productive for Jesus (as if they themselves were doing anything lucrative). So I let them cut their losses (which was unfortunately not really theirs, but the Lord’s house) and shut my ears. I did eventually help out my innocent team mates with their ‘language phrases’ and songs, since it was so hard to see them struggle. I knew the leaders that clicked with (you know who) were always watching me… for what, I don’t know. I find it interesting that people with very twisted and shady pasts, whom God has saved from a lot of incriminating and devious situations, can deliberately and baselessy pore over another person’s otherwise open and obvious life.

So fifteen minutes later and a woozy taxi ride to show for it, I was in the church premises. A group of people had already gathered and were filling out tags for their luggage. We were to fill a tag for each luggage and then load it together with those of our team members. Each team would travel in their van, bus or car together and check-in together at the airport. the reason being that when we arrived in Russia the same sequence would be necessary to cart everyone away to their already assigned camps, with luggage et al. I complied accordingly. I saw my other team members, we all hugged and expressed our excitement on finally being on our way to this much-anticipated trip. The people traveling that morning were asked to seat at the front row, so that they would be prayed for. I already sat in the front row anyhow (I never wanted to miss any word out of my Pastor David’s sermon) much to some people’s chagrin. The service commenced as the trip and the trippers were prayed for.

We the ‘trippers’ had been instructed to head straight to the alley way right next to/behind the sanctuary right after the ten o’clock morning service. During the service, I had danced, jumped, hollered and rejoiced in the Lord for this opportunity to serve in one of my favorite places on planet earth. I was also rejoicing due to the deliverance and relief from months of mental, emotional and financial anguish. I guess the ‘archers’ having seen me praising my faithful God; assumed that I was having too much of a good time. Therefore, as soon as the service was over; the leader from another team came over to me to tell me that I had been switched to her team. My former leader did not even have the decency to tell me, that my training with them was quite futile. I now know better, because I had observed them to be of the same cloth as their mistress. After four months of grueling adjustments to achieve fellowship and bonding (which is why the missions department stressed our need to be in the weekly meetings) I was being bumped to another team, moments before heading to the airport. And guess what? I was the only one that they dared to do that to. I later found out in Russia, that ‘her evil highness’ intended to work and stay in the same camp as with my original team: therefore my very presence was repugnant to her! So away with her she commanded. I found that hard to believe then, because I really believed she was of God. I even went as far as defending her, as I had always done for her and her husband for seventeen years! Now look how stupid I am presumed to be; even people wondered if I had any discernment at all… Today I stand regretful, they were right indeed. All her commands or conniving requests were aimed at my detriment.  I had most often been told by certain leaders, to tone down my exuberance for the things of God (meanwhile my founding Pastor preached: “give your all to Jesus”), I know it bothered her a lot. Remember the ‘spirit of Jezebel’ hates true worshipers with a passion. If they cannot kill them dead, they will frustrate their lives. I am the more blessed for not paying them any mind: (1) Because they did not save and sanctify me; and (2) I am seldom affected or swayed by peer pressure or mass rejection. I have long since learnt as a little girl, that eagles have to fly alone most times.

Of course when we finally got to Russia, after two and a half days of traveling. I was told with great aplomb, that my luggage was nowhere to be found. Once again, all the other three hundred travelers had all their stuff intact and available. (I dare anyone to deny this fact!!!). It had been left behind they said. They always believed they were dealing with a buffoon when it came to me; what they did not know is that I have been travelling since I was six months old, and had practically covered the globe by the age of eighteen. So if anyone knew about travel dynamics, it was definitely me. That luggage had been thrown aside on purpose, in order to throw me off and disorient me during the trip. It is finished, and another ‘fatal file’ hits the dust. I am free.

I shall stop now. This is not the prelude to a man-hunt, but the awareness of what we are dealing with. There were more terrible incidents that happened, and left me flabbergasted and bewildered. I will leave the personal ones in God’s capable hand; as He will give me back everything that was stolen from me. “I will restore/repay you for the years the locust have eaten…” Joel 2:25 (NIV). These that I have shared, were picked because the attacks became a distraction and a major hindrance to producing and promoting the work of God. They were deeply orchestrated to stop the work of God in me and through me. I feel the Holy Spirit saying that I am not the only one that was a target, but I have been given a unique forum to cry out with and warn. Can anyone with such an unprovoked, wicked, deceitful and devilish motive be of God. Every truly godly, person was greatly affected; some just don’t know it yet.

Epilogue: We see how God allowed the enemy to show his true colors, and then sovereignly thwarted the effects and damage it was meant to cause. Every morning in my humble unassuming and dilapidated room in the Russian camp, the kids would come to my window and call out my name. They did not call the group, they called my name! God figured: if they would gang-up, single me out to abuse me, then he would single me out for unmerited and uncommon favor. The kids would steal away grapes and bring to me. If they heard any gossip among the counselors, they would share it with me :). They loved on me like I was their flesh and blood. When that news spread all over the camp, the enemies backed-off howbeit for a season and to re-group. Thus did my Heavenly Father, turn their evil for my good and preserve my very life.

Let him who has ears hear what the Spirit is saying to the church… Thank you for taking this journey with me; you have been God’s specially appointed Therapist. May His grace and peace always be yours now and forever. Amen.

Lasting Legacies (Part Three)

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Lasting Legacies: Parts  One and Two: Highly Recommended.

After finding out that I had held the church hostage; not necessarily against their will, I could not wait to disappear with my friends. That way they (the church folks) would forget what I had done with the passing of time or so I thought. After the fellowship that dragged longer than usual, every one was in a beautiful mood and the love of God saturated that sanctuary. As I collected my belongings and prepared to hit the road with my friends, guess who came running towards us. That is exactly right; precious Pastor Harold (may his soul rest in perfect peace). He wanted to know how long I was in town for, because there was one more huge thing, they would need my help for and they were pretty sure the Lord had sent me there for that purpose, among others. ‘Ask on Pastor Harold,’ I thought, ‘you are one fearless and guileless man: bless your heart.’ ‘And besides who am I to say no, should the Lord see fit to use such a title-less and position-less servant of His.

Every Wednesday, this simple church; though not necessarily abundant with resources would bus in youth from a shelter, project and I believe a correctional facility. Then the Youth Ministry would host them with the word, skits, music and food and then bus them right back to their various places of shelter and/or incarceration. They did this diligently and sacrificially week after week; and I must tell you it was drudgery. So much so that ninety percent of the time it felt that they were getting nowhere with these inner-city kids; and the kids acted like they did not care to be bothered. But these church folks were the real deal, without the fanfare or cameras rolling or the ‘pent-house’ carousal; they plowed on for the ‘souls of these youth and the glory of the Most High God.’ There they labored in obscurity, while just across the region (In the home-front); some that were made stewards over a whole lot more, sought human heads on platters of self-serving treachery.

Pastor Harold needed me to speak to the kids the following Wednesday, after the Sunday. Since my return plane ticket was for Friday, I humbly accepted the challenge. What you do not know, was that prior to the Pastor’s request, I had absolutely no desire to deal with preteens and teenagers. They were out of control, angry and absurdly unruly, I had observed. Once when the Assistant Director of the Children’s Ministry had asked me to consider working with the High Schoolers as opposing to the cute little Kindergartners, I relented. Now that I look back, I think it was more because of the leaders I had to work with in that department. Since I Knew at that time there was an unspoken order to alienate me from fellowship (thanks to Jezebel and company), I just simply sought solace with those who guilelessly saw Jesus in me. I have zero tolerance for petty and fleshly motivated trivialities, especially in the house of God.

At that time in my life, approximately five months before the encounter with the Southern-Baptist Church. God began to work out a burden in my heart for these young people. Eventually, through various divinely orchestrated happenings or should I say mishappenings, I got a not so deep revelation: howbeit a relevant one. They had no one to teach them. Barely little or no role model. The moral decay in the society was so rampant and accepted as the norm, that these poor kids were exposed to perversion before they understood what it was to be a kid. They had been robbed unfairly. Having absolutely no say in how they showed up in this world (Yes of course God loves them but there are still consequences to live with, most often produced by generational sins and carelessness) the twisted chaos of their existence produced a revolt in them. They were not necessarily bad; they just did not know what good was or how to be it. The disobedience and rebellion that I observed; was actually a desperate cry for help. A cry for someone who would not delve into their grime with them (In a fake attempt at acceptance), but someone who will with a genuine anointing, or touch from God, pull them out of it.

In the days leading up to Wednesday, I searched and prodded for a word for these kids – nothing. I asked God for a word so that these brutal and mean kids did not stone me to death, when I started stuttering in front of them. God asked me if my motivation was staying alive, or leading the kids to freedom from their dead situations. I had to calm down, I realized that I could not win this war with worry or in the flesh. By Tuesday night, I was frantic; no word, no new revelation and definitely no voice (since I had conveniently caught a cold). By Wednesday morning, I was a distraught mess. And I had contemplated calling Pastor Harold to tell him I could not make it anymore. But no sooner had I reached for the phone, than I fell into a deep sleep. So deep that my friend had to wake me up in time for me to shower, change and be chauffeured to the ‘war-zone’.

So here I was, unprepared and unguarded (In case a riot broke out due to my ‘Jesus is Lord’ mantra). I sat at the back of the Church when we first arrived, hoping that the youth ministry leader would act like some people I was used to dealing with in the home front. They would have relented at my serving those kids at the last-minute (due to orders from her ‘evil majesty’- Cruella). But these people had integrity and godly fear that was untainted by their thankless toiling. I was still sitting there at the back when the bus arrived, and the kids started streaming in. They were hard-looking boys, loud and scantily clad (girls), and daring varieties of both sexes. It was while I watched them that the Spirit of the Most High God (that cannot be purchased through usury) fell on me. As the service commenced, I released my angst to the Lord. I enjoyed the worship so much that when the Speaker was finally introduced, I clapped with everyone else and sat down out of habit. Three pokes, four nudges and a cue from that dear Youth Pastor later; I matched undauntedly to the stage…

God spoke, sang and moved and so did the kids along with Him. The altar-call was very humbling. Eighty-five percent of those spiritually hungry kids rushed forward to give their lives to their Savior. They gave me the greatest gift ever; their tears and brokenness. They asked only one thing from me though: to send them some bibles when I got back to my home church. That would have been at least sixty to seventy bibles. When I got back, I excitedly spoke to the Senior Pastor of the church I attended (I will reserve my comment on what transpired). He said I should speak to the missions director; which I did first by phone and then via e-mail. I must mention that after all that had transpired in that town, and just before I flew back to my home church, my new Baptist friends asked me which church I attended. When I told them the name of the church, about sixty-five percent of them had heard of the founding Pastor. And quite a percentage of that received his ‘Newsletter’. They spoke highly of him and his ministry. I was glad to have been a conduit of good report.

When I followed-up later to check up on the kids and how every thing went (especially if they received the promised bibles)… They were reluctant to take my call and seemed very disappointed and hurt about something. When I asked my friend to intervene and find out what happened…I was embarrassed and mortified. Needless to say, the church was no more held in such high esteem. ‘Cruella’ (aka Jezebel) had no doubt given her camouflaged and insidious orders as always. As long as I was involved in it, regardless of who got hurt she had to poison it. God is just; and will fix all those years of unprovoked, undeserved evil plots, attacks and heart aches that were viciously and mercilessly (yet they speak of mercy now), inflicted on this writer.

PS: Here in are the legacies that lasted. Pastor David Wilkerson, Pastor Harold… and a host of them that just obeyed God. Right after Pastor Harold’s obedience to God’s preparation in my life; doors were opened all over the country. I never asked for them or expected them either. I had been so beaten up in ministry, that I was re-thinking my course. Howbeit, in subtle and unexpected ways: God had Pastors invite me to their church to minister. For the records; God did not only use Godly men to open doors. He used unbelievers, liars, devils (unbeknownst to them), impostors etc. He is God, He can use anything He wants. To Him be all the glory!!!

Lasting Legacies (Part two)

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Part One strongly recommended:

When the worship and special numbers were over, the announcement was made and then the Pastor came on to the stage. He greeted everyone, welcomed whomever was there for the first time and gave a recap of what the Lord had done the previous week. Of course He (GOD) had been good, faithful and true as always. He then looked down at his notes, told us the title of what he had prepared to preach, and almost immediately put the notes away. He then paused for a little bit with his head bent; as if in prayer and then looked up with a ‘frightening steady gaze,’ he then pointed all the way to the back and said “Young lady, can you come up here please?”

Now there was no small stir as every head turned and murmured and fidgeted in the church. I was a mess; sweating profusely as I too looked back like everyone else. The only problem was that I was the back ‘per-say,’ when I looked back I was staring at a stone cold unflinching and daring cement wall. So why was I still looking… at the wall I mean? I felt a hand gently touch my shoulder, as my friend nudged and tried to turn me back to the face the front and likewise the church. Without turning I asked her in an almost inaudible voice (considering the fact that when we are together and chatting, our voices usually cruise and stay on the highest decibel level) ‘was that me?’ And just as softly as she heard the question, she answered in an equally competent whisper: “For the seventh time in your life, it is you; the finger of God is pointing at you.” I strengthened my shoulder, braced myself and whispered the name ‘Jesus’ as I turned away from the wall and faced those beautiful kind faces.

Something happened instantly, I can not really explain it or put it into words. But when I stood up and started to make my way through the row and down the aisle, I knew I was not the same person that walked into that building that morning. The binding and restrictive shackles of the enemy that would seek to disrupt, delay and finally destroy my ability and desire to answer God’s call on my life had been snapped into a thousand pieces. I was free: and like the day that humans under the umbrella of ‘The Miss Universe Pageant System’ taught me how to strut the runway, the Holy Spirit of God showed me how to rise up and take my place in the heavenly realm.

When I got to the front, the church started clapping. I wondered why, was my initial struggle that obvious or were they all on God’s special assignment of compassion. The Pastor then turned to me, handed me the microphone and said something to this effect: “The Lord pointed you out in the congregation; and asked me to call you up here, because you have a song for us.” “I do have a song, I mused to myself; it is called ‘I must be dead’.  I was now livid with myself, because either due to fear, or shock, or my plain tangled nerves, every song I knew evaded me. But when I took the microphone from the Pastors hand, that peace I experienced as I walked down the aisle a few minutes earlier, permeated my very being once again. Every one had already left the stage; the musicians (we are talking Capella) and now the Pastor. I walked up to the podium, back straight and confident (I thought I was having an out-of-body experience), as if I had done this my whole life. I opened my mouth physically and asked God to fulfill His promise and His word. “I am the Lord thy God, which brought thee out of the land of Egypt: open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it.” Psalm 81:10

As soon as the last word of the last stanza was sung, I transferred the microphone to my other hand so I could wipe the tears falling down my face. As I did this I took a curious peek at the crowd; people were wiping out tears too! It was either I croaked them to boredom or God showed up. I even saw some folks standing up and praising God (a total contrast to what I had experienced a few days earlier in that loft) the sanctuary was definitely charged up and all I wanted to do was run and hide. As if on cue and privy to my plans to flee, the Pastor came up on the stage. I quickly walked up to him to hand over the microphone and prepare for take-off… to my seat i.e. After all I already obeyed and sang the song as was requested. He seemed to be wiping tears from his eyes too; so now I am thinking ‘they are feeling such pity at my loud croaking abilities.’ As I put forward my microphone-holding hand, he took the microphone and began to speak. Praise God! Now was a good time to slip off the stage I thought; until I heard the words that froze my spine. The Lord had asked the Pastor to have me to take over the whole service! Mercy me Lord: how does one go from being ridiculed by their peers, to being a laughing-stock, to handling a morning service at a Baptist Church in the South: with a predominantly (actually 98.5%) different race, on the day of their first visit?

All I could hear in my spirit was: ‘obey the Lord’. This was not really a new revelation. So I figured if the Lord wanted me to say something; then once again he would enable me to do that. I took the microphone one more time from that precious Pastor, walked up to the podium and looked out into that sea of kind and expectant faces and prayed. “Lord please do not disappoint these obedient and compassionate flock of Yours: I am not a preacher, I have no ‘sermon notes’, and I came unprepared. Either way You love them, and I know You will not leave them empty-handed this morning. Meet every need as only You can; and we will be sure to give You all the glory”. God met us that morning; in an unprecedented way the members would later say.

I was hugged at every turn, not one eye was dry as they told of how incredibly God spoke, and encouraged them. I noticed that about fifty-percent (50%) of the congregation were over fifty and very traditional. But they also were teary eyed and shaking their heads. I also had a lot of head shaking to do, this God of mine was such a miracle worker. My friend and her husband were gaping in awe when I finally pressed through the crowd to meet them; the expression on their faces, was as if to say: who exactly did we let into our home? I was not sure I had that answer either, but I was glad they were still my friends. Of all the kind and encouraging words I heard that from the members that day; this was the funniest and most incredible. A beautiful couple, probably in their late sixties-early seventies came up to me, after giving me a heartfelt hug said: “Congratulations on talking way past the time that the Baptists are used to, you took a chunk of their lunch time.” They sweetly ribbed me. When I asked my friend what they meant by that statement, she said at twelve o’ clock sharp, they (the Baptist)  get up and start leaving the sanctuary, regardless of the fact that someone may still be speaking. You are expected to be done by twelve because they will not sit and listen to you during their lunch hour. She said not one feet shuffled until I put the microphone down. The time was twenty-one minutes past the hour plus the fellowship time. I kept everyone in church till about way past One o’ clock!!!

The Lord and the Pastor were not yet done; wait till you hear what I was asked to do next… Lasting legacies part three, coming up shortly. Even shorter than you expect or think. I feel the Lord will want to alert His people on what we have to deal with when reaching out to the less fortunate. You will see how ‘one wicked self absorbed woman’ used her authority to thwart the ministry to the down trodden and poor. I bet you did not know this story would end up in your back yard? Stay tuned precious saints and also those that ain’t (yeah, I know they make statements and then check-up to see if I heard). God is mighty and thorough; nothing will escape being dealt with in the Kingdom of the Almighty. Shalom my people.

Lasting Legacies

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They that fear thee will be glad when they see me; because I have hoped in thy word.” Psalm 119:74

I am searching frantically at this moment, for an address and/or a number to a very wonderful family I met only briefly a couple of years ago. I just heard that their loving husband and father, the Senior Pastor of their Church died of cancer. My heart is broken all over again. Though I had met Pastor Harold only three times in one week, that godly man would have been used of God to make a lasting impact in my life forever. Join me as I pray that the ‘peace that passes all understanding’, would encompass his family and guide them wisely in the days ahead. Why are the  godly and holy ‘hoary-heads’ departing at this time; are they not now, more than ever needed in this time of great apostasy? “Help, Lord; for the godly man ceases, for the faithful fail from among the children of men.” Psalm 12:1

In the early Spring of 2005, I boarded a plane to a city in the mid-south, and as I settled in and prepared myself for take off, I looked over the tarmac and the airspace of my departure city and silently vowed to myself that I would endeavor not to come back. I was deeply disturbed spiritually and mentally, and also physically exhausted and beaten down. My ‘best friend forever’ (literally; we have been friends since I was ten and she eleven) had sent me a return ticket to come and rest awhile; so that the Lord could strengthen and refresh me. She knew exactly what was going on, and was not the least bit impressed. As a result, she was led of the Lord to do that. If she and her husband had not moved when God told them to; let us just say you won’t be reading this now or rather, I will not be writing it either.

I had never felt ‘spiritual warfare’ so tangible like I did at that loft. Actually let me re-phrase that, I have felt that before; I just was more prepared and ready for the worse at that time. This time I was clueless, naïve and dangerously vulnerable.  The Lord would ask me to do a ‘prayer-walk’ around those seats/chairs; and I would always feel the dense and territorial demonic resistance. How could this be possible? I asked, surely with combined/joint efforts in beseeching God, this resistance should break. The break-through word was ‘combined’, if ninety-five percent of the other loft occupants were resisting me as I fought this demonic entity: then they were weakening my efforts and strengthening wickedness. By default, the human nature sides with the devil; how much more when a conscious decision is made in the flesh to resist righteousness just to promote lust and envy.

I had about three rehearsals with the then Music Director, the song in question was an original he had written. Everything went well, he was very pleased with the outcome and was sure he had made the right decision. He said the voice was just right and I was a quick learner. Come rehearsal day, as he called me out to practice with the rest of them, you could hear a pin drop but for their collective gasps as a couple of them even ventured to suck their teeth right into the mike. With an obvious absence of team support and encouragement, I stepped down the loft and up to the mike. The Director gave the cue, the music started and all hell broke loose. As I opened my mouth to sing, nothing came out. I felt my chest tighten and my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth; at the same time I could not feel my feet. I was very sure I was floating around that stage, the weightless sensation made me feel very dizzy and incoherent ( a sure sign of demonic interference :- incoherency). As I grappled with the notion that I might be dying; and the people celebrating in a few seconds, I felt one arrow-like jab right at my back and everything went blank. It felt like eternity, but it must have lasted a few seconds before I opened my eyes, saw a sad and disappointed look in the Directors face as I heard gleeful giggles spread across the stage. Steadying my breath, I went right back to my seat on the fourth row…

By the time my plane touched down in arrival at my destination, my spirit-man was somewhat lifted up and rejuvenated. Everybody from the Pilot to the Crew members to some passengers seemed privy to chatting me up and improving my mood. The earth is the Lord’s indeed. I knew then a hundred percent, that this trip was of the Lord and I was very grateful. I arrived on a Friday afternoon, went out to dinner that evening and the next day went to brunch and then shopped and chatted and shopped some more. I was now having a blast and felt really exhilarated. Staying away from hard and mean ‘religious folk’ can sure do a body good I thought as I settled in Saturday night. The next day was Sunday, we would have to go to church. And for the first time in a long time; I thought I did not have to do any service or ministry. All that was required of me from God and man was to sit relax and be ministered to. After all they would all  agree I had received my fair share of unprovoked and aggravated/demonic and human assault. I warned my best friend and her husband not to tell anyone where I had come from, why I was there or whether I was even saved. I was to be left alone in an obscure bubble. They understood and agreed with my elaborate undercover master-plan to stay out of the ‘religious radar.’

My friend (who is actually more like a sister to me) and her husband had just moved to that town in the mid-south about a year before I came to visit. The Lord had led them to this fairly large Baptist Church(they were not Baptist!) in which they were two of the three black members in the church. The Holy Spirit was here they told me: and yes I could feel it the moment I walked in. The amazing and saturated presence of the Lord was like an instant balm as you walked the aisles. The genuine warmth and sincere concern coming from these people was so disarming; that for a split second, I almost forgot my charade. I asked for us to seat all the way in the back, so that my black face would not be easily noticed in this sea of white faces; thereby encouraging fellowship and then fielding questions and then you know the whole bit about who I was (not that it mattered) and what brought me here etc. They humbly acquiesced (Bless their heart a thousand times!) and to the very back we went, as I crawled and cramped my tall frame almost through the adjoining wall. I was now safe from the usual Sunday morning banter.

No sooner had we sat down, than people came by to say hello and welcome. Surprisingly, I was caught up in the moment and enjoying it too; all the while planning to bolt as soon as someone started to say or ask personal questions. I got to meet the Pastor’s father, who also used to be the Pastor in that Church years ago (he was a delightful, sweet and funny character). He had me throw my otherwise orchestrated caution to the wind and laugh so loudly; you would think they let the banshee out. ‘Don’t get too comfortable’, I chided myself; in case something slipped out and alerted this people to my real identity ( as if that was worth a cup of coffee) in this quaint suburban neighborhood.

Anyway back to church, as we finally settled into the last minutes before service began, a very attractive blonde-haired middle-aged woman approached us. She had a smile that beamed the truth right into your very soul: it must have been a 1000 mega-watts. She shook hands with every person in our row; when she got to me, she held my hands a little longer looked me in the eye and said:”You sing for the Lord don’t you?” As my shock slowly wore away, I shot one angry glance at my ‘BFF’ and her husband as if to say: which one of you ‘let the cat out of the bag?’ The shock registered on their faces told me they had remained true to the plan. I then turned back to the kind eyes before my face and nodded my agreement to her question. “I knew it!” she said as she walked away with a smirk. She seemed to have a private joke with the Lord (I later found out by reason of identity, that she was in charge of the Women’s ministry and Hospitality).

Service began; and I enjoyed the worship so much. I don’t know what differentiates the Baptist Church from the rest, but I know we hollered, lifted our hands and WORSHIPED! I had unfortunately cramped my self into oblivion earlier, so I had no leg-room to dance away the rhythm that was genetically-programmed in my now tired bones but was begging expression to a worthy GOD! When the worship and special numbers were over, the announcement was made and then the Pastor came on the stage. He greeted everyone, welcomed whomever was there for the first time and gave a recap of what the Lord had done the previous week; God had been good as always. He then looked down at his notes, told us the title of what he had prepared to preach, and almost immediately put the notes away. He paused for a little bit with his head bent as if in prayer and then looked up with a frightening steady gaze. He pointed all the way to the back and said: “Young lady, can you come up here please.”

To be continued…

Who is fooling Who? (A Sign Of the Times)

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A sure sign that someone is back-slidden, is when the Spirit of God is leading people solemnly to pray for the sad state of the ‘Body of Christ,’  they are jesting away. It almost appears like a photo-op session in the modelling world or a politician prepared to deny the very thing he did. The first thing that goes when you are playing ‘hookey’, is discernment if you ever had any at all. They rejoice, when God says mourn (For the atrocities committed against His very name on the brows of the true-seeker) and will have to mourn and gnash their teeth when God tells His people to rejoice! The joy of the Lord is often refreshing, strength-giving, contagious, healing and does not need to be primed. Even the unbeliever feels the powerful effect of the joy that the Most high gives His beloved.

I had a faith filled week which poured into a very harrowing and stressful weekend. I have a bandaged knee and a cane as I write (I had thought that would wait till I was at least 80 years of age :)), I was robbed, misunderstood (this is really minor to me these days), and every technological gadget I had, was either stolen or acquired some dangerous ‘wares’ e.g. adware, spyware (are they still spying on me?), and malware. As inconvenienced and sad as I might have been I knew this was a backlash from the kingdom of darkness. I knew that I along with the sincere Christian have scored some spiritually. It is only a matter of time before we will experience the mockers with their frozen and halted smiles.

Now to the title of this posting I must go. It was encouraging to find out how many people are receiving directions from the Lord as they pray. No amount of debauchery has fooled them or led them to be confused about what they know, have seen or are observing even as I write. Like I mentioned before, I have one huge weakness – I cannot fake it, even if my life depended on it. That is why I keep showing up with a bunch of words struggling to fit together. But some congregants who are smiling and jeering at the traitors, are also indulging me in some very heart-wrenching deeds committed by the ‘super-stars’. Judgement must and will begin at the house of God. People can embrace and appreciate wickedness all they want, even prime the masses to seem like they are doing the same; but to the foot of the cross I will go and wait. I will grip that wood so hard until God arises and His enemies are scattered.

So yes the demons were on assignment these past couple of days, and so were the angels of God. A sure evidence is I wrote this. I know every soldier of the cross is under attack; I can feel it. Here is God’s word to you who are sorely grieved and harassed by doomed jesters: “And He increased His people greatly; and made them stronger than their enemies.” Psalm 105:24 (KJV).

In the midst of my attack-laden day yesterday, I met two sweet ladies who made me wince when they said they attended this church (unbeknownst to them, I knew exactly where they were talking about; they just never seen me before) What was even stranger was they invited me to join them for service in the morning (as I planned my escape) at a completely different church. Why would anyone not attend their home church for the very first service of the week. Yes they acknowledged it as their church, but were led of the Holy Spirit to seek pure water else where.  Appreciation galore anyone?

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