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Oh so Fleeting: the Flags, Flowers and Fanfare

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In loving memorial...

The ‘Fleet is in!!!… and so is this writer.

Most people do not really know what it is they are celebrating on ‘Memorial Day’. They just see it as a day off from work, or the holiday that heralds and ushers in the summer. Howbeit the much dreaded (by me) scorching heat, and the much-anticipated and sizzling barbeques. It is just another day in the history of the country. But I know and have seen a group of people who know exactly what it is all about, because it has hit close to home. They diligently remember to commemorate and judiciously recite what it all means to them. Others who are not so directly affected move on to their individual or corporate pursuits, however trivial or crucial. Proverbs 15:15

It is a known fact that unless things affect people directly and precisely, they would really not bother with it or make a conscious effort to understand its repercussion and effect. Notice I said affect, as in ‘it happened upon them’, as opposing to their ‘headiness’ (or stubborn act) dragged along some consequences with it. Psalm 107:17. Thus you will have a married woman, wondering why a widow is still grieving a year after she has buried her husband. Or you have those residing in the palace, irritated by what they consider to be a bunch of paupers complaining and disturbing their peace. 2 Samuel 22:28, Job 6:14.

I once heard a beautiful African Gospel song (Ibo to be precise), that simply states: “What if men were God…” I shiver and shudder at that abominable thought. Because I for starters would have been two feet tall and headless. Or better still, would have had a small head with six eyes…gruesome! So being that we have a good and just God, everyone and I mean everyone will have a go at ‘Sorrow-ville‘ at some point in their lifetime. So next time there is an uncanny and evil desire to look disdainfully at those ‘the Lord Himself has afflicted’, we do well to crouch our attitude and reconsider… Psalm 18:27

A trip to ‘The Arlington Cemetery’ had me not only almost pass out from heat exhaustion, but appreciate the ‘Unknown Soldier’. You see he fought and gave his life for what we now enjoy as barbecue and bustling activities with family members. Sometimes he may get a bouquet or two tossed his way, or an empathetic head shake every now and then. But I am glad that there is that ‘Eternal Flame’ they call it, that is never put out and the faithful supply of a soldier to stand over his grave at all times. It means he may be nameless now, but he is never forgotten.

Last November, my best friend nonchalantly informed me that her kids would be having a function at their school to honor the Veterans. So on ‘Veterans Day’, I told her I would go with them. To which she wondered why and marveled that I had nothing else to do. I simply told her I was a ‘Spiritual Veteran’ that is why I was going. The literal/physical demonic confrontations, onslaughts and attacks, not to mention their lingering and debilitating aftermath effect earned me some bloody badges from the ‘Captain of the Lord of Hosts’ Himself. Let him who has a counter argument or is my adversary step forward…

I can still hear her (my best-friend) characteristic loud bellowing and banshee-like laughter ringing in my ears seven months later. Her husband thinks its hilarious (true love), and I do think it is too. I just love that she laughs at my jokes, she has been doing that for decades. She was not mocking me, just reminding herself that her friend/sister is one of a kind.

With utmost respect, I salute the fallen and departed Soldiers of all legitimate wars, both civil, spiritual and what have you. Hebrews 11:37. The blood and sweat of their sacrifice is never silenced; therefore our gratitude and appreciation should never be.


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